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Inevitably, there will be times when something goes wrong in a building, unit or premises. There can be many reasons why these problems arise and often getting to the root cause can be the most difficult part of solving these issues. 

At SVMA we are often contacted when a situation has arisen that is proving tricky to resolve. We are able to use our knowledge, expertise and real world experience to investigate the problem, identify the issue and provide a cost effective and appropriate solution. 

From our experience, problems often continue to escalate within buildings until the most senior management levels are involved. At this point, the issue needs to be rectified immediately.  

At SVMA we have qualified engineers on hand to respond to your situation and identify the root cause swiftly wherever you are in the UK. 

As part of our resolution process we set out logical and practical paths to the eventual fix or improvement that can be clearly understood by all parties involved.

Logical andPractical Pathways

Resolutionand Improvement

At SVMA we not only manage difficult situations and resolve the problem, we also make recommendations and suggest systems and procedures that result in signifiant improvements that can reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

Our extensive knowledge means we are able to transfer our skills to a diverse range of sectors and all kinds of building types and uses.

We draw upon the latest available technology to help us evaluate, prove our theories and consider practical options as we consider a way forward.

SVMA are respected in the industry for our proactive, honest approach. Our clients particularly appreciate our candid, calm working style in often stressful, critical situations and repeatedly come back to us because they know we will make decisions and deliver solutions.  

We take great pride that our clients trust our troubleshooting abilities and allow us to contribute to the continued success of their business.

For mechanical, electrical and public health engineering issues we use the same team members who also deliver engineering services design.

DeliveringSolutions Fast

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As expert, accredited and competent engineers in mechanical, electrical, and public health building engineering services, we provide a full range of services, including:
  • Mechanical Electrical
  • Low Carbon Consultancy
  • Expert Witness
  • MEP
  • Mechanical Electrical Design
  • Public Health
  • HVAC
  • Zero Carbon Design
  • Cat A Refurbishment
  • Cat B Fit-Out
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Principal Designer