Through listening to the end user’s needs and also by challenging the brief, we create simple yet high quality solutions.  We take ownership of problems and we find ways forward.

Our combined experience of mechanical, electrical, public health and lift engineering allows us to contribute to overall good building design.  Having worked with architects and interior designers for 20 years, we have helped to make the spaces enjoyable for the occupiers and efficient for them to own and to operate.

The success of our projects is drawn from early advanced analysis – this has given us a reputation with our clients for being innovators.  We use the latest available technology to help us evaluate and prove our theories during the feasibility stages, this includes dynamic thermal modelling techniques to accurately assess gains and losses in a building.  We apply computerised flow analysis (CFD), to visually check the effectiveness of the design and to demonstrate to clients and architects that the design is feasible.

We constantly check the simplified building energy model (SBEM) when designs alter, provide reassurance to the team that the building will comply with the building regulations and the result will be in an excellent energy performance certificate (EPC) rating. 

We are progressive and we are heavily investing in ongoing training and technology to adopt building information modelling (BIM) for the majority of our larger projects.  Our focus is on the application of high quality design to typical room types, risers and plant rooms.  Repetition to typical areas can be kept out for final co-ordination. This means the model is less cumbersome and effective to work with.

Carefully considered design of heating, ventilation and comfort conditioning can form part of the aesthetics to the building and still be cost-effective, both in terms of capital investment and ongoing operating costs. 

Our mechanical designs consider the environmental, social and economic impact of each project; as a result, passive measures and sustainable building design are usually the core to the solution.  Retrofit solutions are a forte of ours, particularly in operational buildings where disruption is to be kept to a minimum and where a strategy is required to evaluate the impact to the overall investment of the property.

Our mechanical engineers regularly co-ordinate with electrical, structural and façade engineers to provide as efficient a solution as possible.  At Evesham Fire Station, we were able to reduce the overall anticipated project cost when our mechanical services design team were able to contribute to the project and reduce the overall height of the building.

Our ability to exceed the onerous requirements of the London Plan in a Greater London redevelopment enabled planning permission to be gained for a 30,000 square foot property in Soho Square.  This was achieved through exceptional mechanical services design within a constrained site plan.

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ElectricalEngineering Services

We meet the commercial demands of clients, the creative requirements of architects and developers by expert use of cutting edge technology. By careful calculation of the energy used in buildings we are able to accurately determine the electrical mains provision, apply utilities consultancy to obtain the supply required, detail the sub-mains design and small power distribution.  

We are highly experienced and capable designers of fire detection and alarm systems meeting the ever increasing needs of fire safety standards. 

However, the icing on the cake to any facility is the lighting and we take great pride in being able to transform properties through elegant lighting design.  We use 3D rendering to demonstrate the performance of our designs. With our knowledge and experience we are fully aware how lighting can affect users in different ways, be it designers, clients, agents or the occupants and we use our expertise to provide a suitable solution for all parties. We also design lighting to illuminate and highlight grade listed properties (externally and internally), such as The Tabernacle in Highgate. We are more than familiar with the tight parameters you have to work to on such projects and guide and advise our clients at all stages of the process. 

We have helped many schemes achieve outstanding energy performance certificate values, excellent BREEAM ratings and SBEM compliance by effective use of high efficiency plant and equipment plus photovoltaics and combined heat and power (CHP).

For buildings to be sustainable and healthy, good water and waste system design is essential.  Our public health engineers have a diverse portfolio of applications from providing domestic hot water to skyscrapers, through to specifying the ultra-pure water and waste treatment for the production of medical dressing products.

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As expert, accredited and competent engineers in mechanical, electrical, and public health building engineering services, we provide a full range of services, including:
  • Mechanical Electrical
  • Low Carbon Consultancy
  • Expert Witness
  • MEP
  • Mechanical Electrical Design
  • Public Health
  • HVAC
  • Zero Carbon Design
  • Cat A Refurbishment
  • Cat B Fit-Out
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Principal Designer