Lifts, Escalators and Façade Access

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John Newbold

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The Regulations, standards and requirements around lift, escalator and façade access systems are numerous and ever changing. You need clear and dependable advice to steer you through the labyrinth and manage your risks.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients to meet not only their statutory obligations but to achieve their ultimate aims. This is where our in-house engineering design expertise really comes into its own. We don’t work around the standard equipment available, we work around the needs and demands of your business and organisation and make the equipment work in the way you want it to.

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Whether it’s a project or an existing installation we take the time to understand the technical and practical issues and risks to determine the best solution.


No-one has a limitless budget or is unconstrained by time. Our solutions are pragmatic – taking account of the limitations and highlighting areas of risk.


We ensure that you get the right solution or service, technically appropriate and managing your risks.

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SVM Associates, expert lift consultants and authorising engineers, provide
a comprehensive lift, elevator and escalator service including:
  • Lift Modernisations
  • Lift Installations
  • MEWP Risk Assessments
  • Lift Technical Support
  • Vertical Transportation Consultancy
  • Lift Maintenance Contract
  • Lift Risk Assessment
  • Elevator Risk Assessment
  • Escalator Risk Assessment
  • Escalator Replacement
  • Lift Performance
  • Building Maintenance Units (BMU)
  • Window Cleaning Cradles
  • Façade access equipment
  • Comprehensive Lift Maintenance Contract
  • Passenger Release Training
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Elevators
  • Lift Traffic Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Maintenance Audit
  • Authorising Engineer under HTM 08-02
  • Elevator consultant services
  • Escalator consultant services

Managing Lifts and Escalators Photo Credit: British Land