Replacementor Modernisation?

All equipment eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle. Lifts, escalators and façade access equipment are, unfortunately, no exception.

Sometimes, the solution is outright replacement and of course, in some circumstances this is the appropriate and proper decision.

At other times, however,  modernisation of the equipment  can achieve the same, and indeed at times, even  better results.

Modernisations are a specialty of ours, whether it’s lifts escalators or facade access equipment,  because it requires SVMA experienced, expert engineers to consider the feasible options and design a solution for your particular needs.

The main benefits of an SVMA modernisation are that we are able to:

Accommodate the needs and constraints of  the existing building whether that is due to available space, special features required or a phased implementation approach

Retain the existing good quality equipment (not only is this environmentally responsible, the equipment is often better than the new version that would replace it)

Bring the expertise to identify works to individual items of equipment, which might include investment, repairing, commissioning, overhaul or simply back-log maintenance, in buildings that have short-life horizon or where budgets are limited

Use a ‘stabilisation’ approach where a building’s remaining life is short. As well as being extremely cost effective this has proven to deliver improved reliability on many variants of lifts even 40 year old ones.  Although this does not defer the inevitable indefinitely, it may be something for you to consider in certain circumstances

The Benefits ofModernisations

Expert PhasingManagement

A modernisation project in an occupied, existing building requires a great deal more consideration than say, a new lift in a construction project.

For this reason our phasing management is important not only because of disruption to current occupiers but also because of the long term loss of lift or escalator service during the programme.

Due to the safety implications and potential for damage and destruction, the planning and execution of modernisation projects require in-depth and comprehensive planning, incorporating every fine detail.

The complexity of escalator projects are particularly magnified due to their location in common areas and the movement and storage of large pieces of equipment.

At SVMA  the Specialist engineers who manage our escalator modernisations  are all NEBOSH qualified with many years experience of lift and escalator modernisation in all different environments.

When you work alongside SVMA on your modernisation project you can be assured that, when you appoint us, you will get the right solution for your organisation and your project will be thoroughly risk assessed, managed and executed.


High Speed,High Rise

Our reputation in this area has meant we have been appointed in a ‘turn key’ role to design, procure and manage modernisations in numerous high profile and iconic buildings across the UK and Ireland.

These have included skyscraper office buildings, hospitals, heritage buildings (including the world’s most photographed clock tower), universities, retail stores, airports and housing.

All these buildings pose unique challenges. High speed, high rise lifts need special engineering and the many constraints and sensitivities of heritage buildings have to be accommodated. However, we understand that, like the assets in your buildings, they all require careful and individual consideration in terms of engineering, the needs of stakeholders and effective management of the installation.

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