Condition Evaluation

FixBefore Failure

Condition evaluation, in the form of data collection and analysis, allows us to go further than traditional visual inspections alone and to respond to, and predict, lift and escalator failures.

Often carried out alongside our maintenance quality audits, this process not only  allows you to address performance degradation it also, and arguably more importantly, means you can isolate and identify potential problem areas, or pending faults, and take proactive action rather than waiting for the issues to occur.

Our fix before failure approach significantly reduces the need for reactive works, and the inevitable associated costs, it increases your ability to plan, manage and forecast expenditure.

We have the expertise and equipment to measure and assess:

Mains supply quality

Drive profiling

Ambient temperature trending and hotspots

Lift and escalator dynamics

Lift ride quality

Machine oil condition

Bearing condition



As  independent consultants, we are proud of the wide range of specialist condition evaluation techniques we have developed and now offer to our clients. This innovative industry  approach is unique to SVMA.

Over the years , we have applied these techniques to a huge variety of equipment housed in differing environments across a whole range of industries and  have amassed a substantial amount of data.

This data helps inform our condition evaluation analysis so we reach the right technical solution when evaluating lifts and escalators for you.

Due to the unique condition evaluation applications we offer, our clients report numerous, additional benefits for their organisations that they did not experience with the visual inspection only approach.

Reported benefits include:

Identifying failing components ahead of their ultimate, and operationally disruptive, failure (including brake coils, drives and overheating components)

Identifying sub optimal lift dynamics which adversely affect traffic handling and ride quality

Identifying vibrations attributed to mechanical issues such as misalignment, rope problems and drive mal-adjustment

Prioritising investment and it’s timing through understanding the point in lifecycle of machines and components

Resolving contractor’s claims of poor mains quality alleged to be a cause for lift and escalator failure

Validating performance of newly installed equipment

We continue to develop different techniques, approaches and areas to measure so we can offer you a truly predictive and proactive approach to managing maintenance.


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