Lift Energy Services

We are specialist lift consultants with many years experience carrying out lift energy surveys and producing energy certificates. We work across the UK and internationally with an in-house specialist lift department who can improve the energy efficiency of new and existing lifts.

Core Benefits

We can help you:

  • Target energy performance improvements needed by your Energy Management System
  • Reduce your energy use
  • Gain up to two credits for projects needing BREEAM assessments
  • Predict energy savings through upgrading lifts
  • Show your CSR policy commitment
  • Buy energy efficient lifts



Energy Surveys

We connect energy monitoring equipment to measure the lift’s energy use over a fixed period (the results are as shown in the graph below). We then analyse the results and recommend ways to reduce energy.

Mathematical Modelling

We model future, likely energy use to help determine the best investment approach and predict the affect in changes of use.

BREEAM Assessments

We analyse lift requirements, recommend features and issue a report to the BREEAM assessor for consideration.


VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) are the German Association of Engineers; they have developed a method to classify the energy efficiency of lifts in a similar manner to white goods, A-G. The objective was to develop a universal, transparent representation of any lift’s energy efficiency using standard criteria.

The lift industry is adopting this standard and promoting it as a quality standard with lift owners having an increasing willingness to display the energy credentials of their lift publicly. Adoption of this process is widespread in Germany and gaining ground in China, with wide anticipation that this will become a harmonised European Standard. We can measure and certify lifts to this standard.


Case Studies
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