Located in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands, Google’s campus consisting of Gordon House, Gasworks House and Google Docks are home to Google’s European head office. Google has helped transform Dublin in to a technological hub, and from here the multinational internet giant offers services to over 65 countries, overseeing sales and infrastructure for businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

As the business grew and traffic demands increased, Google became increasingly frustrated with the performance of the existing lifts. SVM Associates were appointed to inspect and evaluate all of the lifts from the existing campus buildings.

We carried out detailed engineering surveys collecting real world performance and reliability data which, due to our extensive involvement on other comparative sites, we were able to benchmark and determine lift performance levels.

This process also entailed us to carry out a full re-test and commissioning of one of the lifts. It was clear that the existing lifts were unable to meet the demands of Google’s business so we recommended and instigated short term strategies to improve service whilst planning a longer term investment.

Our understanding of the needs of Google’s business meant we could derive a brief for lift modernisation quickly and efficiently. Project planning involved many challenges including:

  • Extensive modernisation works in an occupied building which also had to incorporate an additional lower ground floor (integrated into a reception refurbishment project).
  • Maintaining life safety lifts by swapping fire-fighting lift allocation mid project.
  • Ensuring value for money was obtained through competitive tender. This was especially difficult in the prevailing economic climate and we had to use our working knowledge of the Irish lift market to ensure the bids were realistic and achievable.
  • We managed the lift installation through to completion with delivery on time and within budget.

We continue to enjoy working with Google and carry out regular lift maintenance and quality monitoring across the campus using our structured objective audit process.

SVM Associates were originally selected due to our reputation of technical competence and ability to form a measured and objective view of lift problems. Our success in delivering a difficult modernisation project has cemented our position as Google’s established professional adviser.


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