Euston Tower

Euston Tower

Euston Tower is a 34 storey office building constructed in 1970 and is one of London’s tallest buildings. SVM Associates were commissioned by Mapeley to modernise the East and West Goods lifts, as well as making them suitable for fire-fighting and evacuation use. We were requested to provide specialist consultancy, project management and Principal Designer duties.

Euston Tower relies heavily on the East and West goods lifts; these simplex lifts serve every landing with one or the other dedicated to fire-fighting and evacuation duties. They are therefore critical to building operations and so at over 30 years old, were a prime target for life cycle investment. Our design brief was to deliver not only reliable, serviceable installations but to also ensure robust goods lift functionality and fire-fighting features to comply with current standards.

This was especially challenging as the lifts were some way off current standards, including being fundamentally too slow to meet the overall travel times now required of fire-fighting lifts. In order to maximise the benefit of the new standby generator, we were also tasked with delivering and implementing an emergency power recovery strategy for all lifts in the building. During a power outage, this now parks the passenger lifts, prevents passengers being trapped and allows full functionality of the East and West Goods lifts.

As the goods lifts are high speed, high rise and have a large rated load, there were significant opportunities for energy saving through regenerative power; our selection of machine and drive maximised this. Post completion energy surveys showed up to 7.5kW being returned to the building supply and despite an increase in speed, energy-per-run is lower than the original lifts.

As part of an overall review of lift strategy we have also been commissioned to carry out engineering surveys on the main passenger lifts and develop several forward investment strategies.


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