Devonshire Square

Devonshire Square

It was 1868 when the St Katherine's Dock Company first introduced mechanical hoists to haul tea chests into their warehouses on Cutler St in Bishopsgate.

In contrast to the old tea chest hoists, the modernised lifts serve more than 640,000 square feet of Cat A office space and are expected to perform accordingly with up to 7,500 occupiers working on site on a daily basis. The modernised lifts are state of the art; boasting reliable microprocessor controls, energy efficient variable frequency drives, fully accessible features and contemporary finishes. Strategic planning between ourselves and Estates Management took place in early 2006 to ensure that a universal estates-wide solution was developed and procured. The objectives of the plan was to deliver to the Estate's tenants high specification lifts, allowing ease of maintenance whilst extending their life by 15-20 years. This was achieved by using consistent, high-quality equipment and standardised, easy to maintain lift car designs to complement the lobbies. The exception to this are the lifts in Building 9A.

The building was originally built by The East India Company in 1769. Known as the Old Bengal Warehouse it has had a chequered history from HQ of The East India Volunteers to the world distribution centre for Oriental carpets. Whilst the performance and features of these lifts are the same as the rest of the estate, car interiors deviate from the other lifts to reflect the richness of the materials in the building.

SVM Associates have been commissioned to:

  • Design and project management of lift modernisation scheme
  • Work as Principal Designer for the project
  • Procure bespoke lift service regime
  • Ensure quality of maintenance monitoring
  • Collate statutory documentation for cradles/access equipment


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